AllsWell Productions

Gentlemen of Fortune

Book & Music by Jon Allen
( Based on R. L. Stevenson's Treasure Island )

Premiered on March 31st 2006 at the Pearl Theatre in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


It is the quintessential adventure tale. It tells of young Jim Hawkins, and of a treasure map that comes into his possession; and how, with the help of Dr Livesey and Squire Trelawney, a ship is fitted out and crew assembled. Many of the crew are pirates, led by the rascally cutthroat Long John Silver. Once the island on which the treasure is buried is sighted, the crew plan to mutiny, but Jim thwarts their attempts. Once ashore he befriends the marooned pirate Ben Gunn, who has already dug up the treasure and hidden it. In the end Jim and his companions triumph and the pirates are defeated!

Running Time:

Two and one half hours approximately, including 20 minute intermission between Act II & III.

Casting Requirements:

12 Leads (10 M, 1 F, 1 J) & 12+ Chorus.
( Note: The chorus consisting mainly of pirates, should ideally be male but female actors can be used in a lot of those minor roles).

The Songs:

There are 18 original songs in the production, most of them, although varying in mood and tempo, have a certain nautical flavour - from the rollicking drinking song "Rum" to the wistful love song "Goodtime Charlie". Some songs move the story along, some stand on their own. The title song "Gentlemen of Fortune" gives the irrepressible Silver the last word with a little help from the whole company!

Royalties $275.00
Scripts $7.50 ea. Plus Postage & Packing
Complete Music with lyrics $18.00
** To facilitate the many scene changes, the play has been structured so that the action can alternate between full stage and fore stage ( in front of the traveller curtain ). This is, of course the Director's choice but may be ideal for many smaller community theatres.