AllsWell Productions

Desmond the Despicable

Book & Music by Dave Brumwell

Premiered on November 30th, 2007 at the Pearl Theatere in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
to both critical and financial acclaim.


This production is a magical, fantasy for adults and children alike. It features 10 original songs and a number of snippets of Elvis Presley hits. The Director is invited to indulge with his or her imagination as much as possible, therefore making each production unique.

Our tale is set in the "Otherworld" community called Tolemac (Camelot backwards) which is populated by Goat and Troll people, who also mingle comfortably in our own modern world. The story focuses on an incident that happened some years ago and its subsequent oppression which has plagued its inhabitants ever since. We get to know the characters as they slowly begin to fight back against an evil, bullying Troll, who believes he's a reincarnation of Elvis Presley.

The audience will be guided through the performance by Merlin, a larger than life character. As Merlin was known to be able to change shape and form, the Director can have a lot of fun with him. There are also a number of unusual and zany characters which bring much laughter to the audience.

Running Time:

Two and one half hours approximately, including 20 minute intermission between Act II & III.

Casting Requirements:

12 Leads (7 male and 5 female). 7 Adult back up roles. 6 / 12 children (Directors choice). Some actors will double up for smaller roles.

The Songs:

There are 10 original songs in the production of varying style, mood and tempo. The production also includes 16 snippets of Elvis hits for your cast to get their teeth into. We close with a finale song that will stay in the minds of your cast and audience for some time to come.

Royalties $275.00
Scripts $7.50 ea. Plus Postage & Packing
CD of Songs $10.00
** To facilitate the many scene changes, the play has been structured so that the action can alternate between full stage and fore stage ( in front of the traveller curtain ). This is, of course, the Director's choice but may be ideal for many smaller community theatres.