To be a good stage actor, it requires a lot of practice and skills. Behind the smallest scene that is portrayed on stage, there lies a lot of effort and hard work. Attending and learning from a theatre workshop would help you gain a lot of knowledge. What is more important is that anybody who aspires to be a good actor should first look around him and observe. If you get captivated even by a small emotion around, try to get back and imitate the feeling. Be it anything, a person’s way of talking or a particular action or emotion. Try to copy the same exact mannerisms naturally till you achieve perfection. This is the first step towards becoming a good actor. Here are some more tips that will help you achieve your goal.


Try to meet a lot of people and observe them. Try to imitate their voice, gestures, the way of talking, and their tone. Pay attention even to their minute details. Get back and try to mimic the people whom you observed. Railway stations, metros, malls, cafes, restaurants, etc. are all great places to watch people. Try to meet up with new people and start a conversation to know them better.

Watch performances and shows.

Watch a wide variety of performances such as comedy, movies, cartoons, serials. Note down your critical views about every actor and see how you can deliver the same emotion in an even better way. If there is any mannerism by an actor that moved you, get back and try to mimic the same expression. Try to stand in front of a mirror while you do your daily practices. This helps you to have a thorough reflection about yourself and this way; you get to improve. Do not be scared to ask for reviews and critical appraisals from your colleagues. Help another grow.

Learn from other actors.

Do not restrict yourself from imitating other actors. Try to deliver the same exact message with a lot more professionalism. This, of course, comes with a lot of practice. Do not be hesitant to seek advice from a more experienced actor. Go to them for information, notes and easy tricks. Try and watch the actors who perform in your play. Watching how they do their parts will help you to get yourself into the character and gel well with the script.

Practice makes you perfect!

stage fright

Try your best till you are perfect. Do not run from auditions to auditions without practising first. In the starting stages, go for even the smallest role any play offers. Grow from there and work hard till you get positioned as the lead player. Read about different producers and directors. Small steps can turn you into a great actor.